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Customer Care

SK (London) Construction Limited has built its foundations on relationships with partners, clients, contractors, residents and employees. This is reflective in the high levels of repeat business we experience and the long-standing client relationships we enjoy. We believe the key to customer care is an open, honest and informative approach at all stages from pre-works to post-completion.

We are flexible

As every client and project is unique, customer care solutions that work for one job may not work for others. We maintain a flexible disposition and keep our channels of communications open and accessible

We recognize customer value

Catering to our customers is key and we recognize the value of “doing it right”. We provide immediate response to enquiries and ensure that detailed explanations, timelines, and budgets are communicated at all times

We anticipate

Being able to anticipate problems before they occur is ideal, but not always possible. However, we promptly address problems once they surface and before customers complain

We believe being up front and honest with customers is the best way to satisfy them.

We stay in touch

We solicit reviews and ask our clients and customers to provide feedback. We ensure that the entire process user-friendly and transparent and go the extra mile to make our clients and customers happy.






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